Flyer du concours d'arts plastiques 2022





International visual art competition

« Graines d’artistes du monde entier« 


Created in 1994, our contest continues to expand worldwide.  This « open window » on our planet collects the artistic expressions of young people under 25 years old each year, under varying themes.

This is a free contest for children and young people from all over the world, aged 3 to 25 years old.

Our contest seeks to promote artistic practice among children and young people around the world, aiming to bring them together around a common international action.

The World Art Institute of Youth‘s mission is to inscribe childhood and youth in humanity’s memory – which is why we undertake the conservation of all participating artistic creations within our art library  « Mémoires du Futur®« .

  • 100 laureates will be rewarded with a medal and a diploma of honour.
  • The nominees will receive a diploma of honour.
  • All participants will be registered in the Artistic Fund of our Art Library « Mémoires du Futur®« .

Theme 2022:

« The landscape that I love,
the nature I must preserve.« 

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 International visual arts competition 2022

Open to everyone from 3 to 25 years old

Categories : 3-5 y.o / 6-9 y.o / 10-13 y.o / 14-17 y.o / 18-25 y.o / MS

You can send your entry until the 15th of January 2022, we receive entries even if they arrived after this date. This is the deadline to send entries, we can receive them after this day.




Remaining days to send your entry:










The World Art Institute of Youth – Centre for UNESCO (Imaj) holds the annual international art contest starting 5th July 2021 and ending 15th January 2022.


This year’s theme: « The landscape that I love, the nature I must preserve« .

The aim of the competition is to promote the practice of art among children and young people around the world in the hope of uniting them through an international activity.

The World Art Institute of Youth – Centre for UNESCO (Imaj) has assigned itself the task of giving childhood and youth a place in the Memory of Mankind; the centre archives all participants artistic creations inside its artothèque (art library), « Memories of the future ». Prize winning or not, all paintings remain the property of the Centre for UNESCO. The centre therefore reserves the right to use the creations for all practical purposes within the framework of its activities (expositions, presentations, communication mediums, etc.).


  • The competition is open to all children aged 3 to 25 throughout the world. It is divided into 5 age categories (03-05, 06-09, 10-13, 14-17, and 18-25) as well as a medical-social category open to children and young people with disability aged from 3 to 25.
  • Only one entry is accepted per individual.
  • The identification label must be correctly filled out and secured to the back of each creation (glue, avoid to use tape). Labels that are illegible or incorrectly filled out will not be taken into account.
  • The participant might attach an explanatory text onto the creation describing the creative process.
  • Only creations on a flat surface are accepted (no three-dimensional creations) and they must be on flexible material (unframed, no wood or carton board).
  • The maximum dimensions are 105 x 75 cm.



  • The creations must be sent to:
    Institut Mondial d’Art de la Jeunesse (Concours dessins)
    Hôtel du Petit Louvre
    1, rue Linard Gonthier
    B.P. 279, 10008 Troyes Cedex
  • Shipment is paid for by the sender and are the responsibility of the contestant. Please note, we recommend you state on the package the value of the creation (no less than 15€ and no more than 20€) and a description of the contents to avoid fines and taxation when the package goes through French customs. Imaj – Centre for UNESCO will not pay any fines or tax for the delivery of artwork.
  • Participants who do not respect the above criteria will be disqualified from the competition.
  • The final date for candidates to send in their entry is 15th January 2022.
  • The participant will not be able to recover his drawing, it will not be sent to him nor will it be able to be taken again. All entries will be kept in the art library « Memories of the future » to keep a testimony of childhood and youth.


A jury views the creations on Saturday 5th March 2022 to select the nominees and 100 winners in accordance to respect of the theme, artistic value and prowess.


The 3 winners of each category will be awarded a medal (gold plated, silver plated and solid bronze) and a certificate. The other winners will each receive a bronze medal as well as a certificate.

Nominees will each receive a certificate.

The winning prize can in no case be exchanged for currency or another prize.


The winning and nominated creations will be exhibited in the event « Graines d’artistes du monde entier® » 17th to 21st May 2022. These creations will make up itinerant exhibitions which will be circulated around France and abroad.


The winners will be informed by e-mail and the results will be published on the website and Facebook page of Imaj – Centre for UNESCO from 30th March 2022.





The winners will collect their prizes during an award ceremony on Saturday 21st May 2022 at the international event « Graines d’artistes du monde entier® » in the « Espace Argence » at Troyes which takes place from 17th to 21st May 2022. In the event that the winner cannot be present, the prize will be sent via air mail to the address indicated on the painting’s label. Imaj – Centre for UNESCO will not in any case be held responsible for the tracking and arrival of packages.

The medal will be sent to the address of the participant and the certificate will be sent via standard mail to the same address. Imaj – Centre for UNESCO will not in any case be held responsible for the loss, theft or damage of packages (medals and certificates); the centre cannot replace nor compensate for theft, loss or damage. Each medal and certificate are unique and only one copy is made.


In participating in the competition, you are involving yourself in the definitive cession of your work to the World Art Institute of Youth – Centre for UNESCO (Imaj) exclusively and free of charge. The Centre for UNESCO will hold the copyrights to the artistic creation presented and, in particular, the rights to or to not to diffuse, exhibit, utilise and reproduce the creation for commercial purposes, be it in the form of reports, newsletters, magazines, websites, CD-ROM and DVD with the intention of promoting the centre’s activities.

The participant who is awarded a prize agrees for the transfer of all copyrights to the World Art Institute of Youth – Centre for UNESCO (Imaj). The transfer of these rights takes effect as soon as the prize is awarded. The World Art Institute of Youth – Centre for UNESCO (Imaj) reserves all rights for the distribution of the creation. The undersigned will be mentioned as the creator with each usage. The undersigned agrees that their artistic creation may or may not be used for commercial purposes in the form of reports, newsletters, magazines, websites, social network with the objective of promoting the centre’s activities.


Participants are prohibited from engaging in counterfeiting or plagiarism. The artistic creations must be originals and not be the subject of a copy.

These regulations are final and will not be the object of any plea, appeal or prosecution by the schools nor the authors.


Each institution participating in our competition becomes « correspondent member » of Imaj – Center for UNESCO for the year without having to fulfill any specific regulatory obligations